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Who are Booth and Pat?

Booth & Pat are Booth Daniels and Patrick Frankfort. Patrick plays guitar and sings – Booth does not play guitar, but he does all sorts of percussion – the bulk of which seems to stem from his mouth. Booth sings too.

Where did they come from?

Booth hails from Hartford, CT. Patrick is from Kinston, NC. They met at the Boston Conservatory of Music where Booth lent Pat ten bucks.
Their fate was sealed from that moment on


But where did Booth & Pat as a team come from?
You're still reading this? Well, in that case, glad you asked. Booth & Pat (as a duo) were born out of a bitterness that can only come from years of children’s theatre, insomnia, and late night viewings of Road House on TNT. Using such divine inspiration, they decided to put their decade of friendship and bizarre conversations into a conglomerated duo act – part comedy, part song with just a touch of the off-kilter. Booth & Pat are taking the entertainment world by storm, or at least a moderate drizzle. With original songs and covers, they promise an evening of quirky entertainment, which is melodic, spontaneous, warped, but most of all, funny.
Where have Booth & Pat been playing?

Well, they've been making the rounds at many places. B&P have been regular guests on the Joey Reynolds Show on WOR. Also, they've been on the lineup at venues such as Comix, Gotham, the Time Out NY Lounge, the P.I.T., the Broadway Comedy Club, they've been guests on such shows as On the Rocks with Danny Leary, Shut Your Sketch Comedy, SKETCHOFF, SkitSkat, as well as our own headlining shows at the Duplex and Don't Tell Mama. People seem to dig it. But don't take their word for it - just check out some of their PRESS.

Anything else?  

Yeah. They really like Family Guy, obscure references to oodles of pop culture, and Oreos with a chilled glass of milk.

Any other burning questions? Email them or run out to your balcony and yell it really loud. If you’re lucky, they just might hear you.

And congrats on making it to the end of this page. You're a true pal. Swear.

(Incidentally, Pat still owes Booth the ten bucks)

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